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Smartest way to save Doctor's time and to optimize revenue

Introducing DiVA- Doctor's intelligent Virtual Assistant

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DiVA-Reduces Doctor's Administrative burden

Virtually-Assisted dictation

Talk to DiVA and record your observations, procedures and comments


Certified clinical professionals scribe and save the recorded dictation into the EMR/EHR


AI enabled identification of Diagnosis and Procedure codes for flawless claims adjudication

Happy Doctor

Let doctors take care of their patients and we take care of the rest

DiVA (Doctor’s intelligent Virtual Assistant)  listens to the doctor’s dictation and transforms the speech into patient notes with the help of NLP technology. These notes are reviewed, formatted and saved into the EMR/EHR by certified clinical professionals.

With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, this tool also identifies the correct diagnosis and procedure codes to generate the superbills.

This reduces the documentation time drastically such that the claim can be filed even before the patient reaches home from the practice

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Integrates seamlessly with below EHRs

DiVA is not just a virtual assistant tool. It is a packaged solution for Doctor's peace of mind


Increases revenue by atleast 30%.


Saves time by approximately 60%


Safe, Secure (HIPAA certified) and easy to implement

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